Wedding Videographer FAQ’s

Next up in the ‘Ask the expert’ blog post series, I ask Thomas Taylor at
WEDD Videos his most frequently asked questions by wedding couples.
Here he tells me everything you need to know when looking for 
your wedding videographer for your wedding day.  


Wedding Videographer FAQ'sLet’s start with the introductions…

1. What does WEDD Videos do and how long have you been in business?

Although we are a relatively recently newly formed company, all of our team have a background in television and we use years of storytelling experience in our videos by conducting short interviews with the couple and their close ones. We use this to tell a back story of the relationship, encapsulating all of the emotions that led up to the big day.


2. What should a couple expect to be asked when looking for a wedding videographer?

What style of video are you looking for? Some prefer the more cinematic, visual representation of their day, whereas some couples prefer a more personal approach, focusing on the people to get a real sense of their relationship as a whole.

Wedding Videographer FAQ's

3. What is the process of booking a wedding videographer?

At WEDD, we offer a free consultation with clients where we go for a coffee and discuss what the couple are looking for from their video, as well as them giving us an insight into their plans for the big day. From there, to secure the booking, we ask for a 20% non refundable deposit and a signed contract. The following payments are then up to the couple, with the full balance required four weeks before their wedding day. 


4. How do you price your services?

We take a firm stance at WEDD that when you hire us for your day, we give nothing but our best. A lot of companies offer a ‘Bronze, Silver, Gold package’ but as avid videographers, we don’t believe in providing a sub-standard ‘bronze’ packages. Two videographers attend from the bride and groom preparation, right through the ceremony, into the reception and after the first dance, we stay until we feel we have enough footage to edit our best possible video and we don’t charge for extra hours like a lot of companies. We then spend a minimum of 30 hours editing together a cinematic, 3-5 minute highlights video, as well as a full length, documentary style of up to an hour long.


Wedding Videographer FAQ's

5. What equipment do you use and how do you ensure your recording equipment is transported properly?

We film using two Sony A7 DSLRs for their compact versatility as well as low light capabilities for the evening shots. Sound recording is almost as important as the visuals, so we use high quality radio mics, placed discreetly around both the ceremony and reception to pick up the best possible audio. 

We use a variety of stabilising equipment including sliders and steadycams to give you a real cinematic feel to the film.

We test our equipment the day before any shoot and have rental options available if we were to come across any issues. We transport our kit in large padded bags to keep them safe and secure.


6. Do couples need to check for certain qualifications or insurances when booking a wedding videographer?

We advise couples to check credentials of the videographer, as a degree/experience in the TV/Film/Media field is where videographers gain most of their skills. Also ensure that your videographers have up to date liability insurance.

Wedding Videographer FAQ's

7. Is there anything a couple should worry about?

Always meet your videographer in person. Not to mention that we would never advise sending money to people over the internet anyway, but a videographer is more than just that on the big day, we become part of the day by helping out where needed. Our videographers have been known to help the bride’s father doing his tie, or assist the groom sorting his lapel flowers, so having built a relationship beforehand is important.


8. Are you seeing any trends at the moment?

Social media videos. We know that everyone loves Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. To the point where, if requested, we will happily edit a video down to under a minute, just to squeeze it into Instagrams time limit – #instaWEDD


Wedding Videographer FAQ's

9. What are the best and worst things about being a videographer?

The best thing about being a videographer is capturing and being around people on their happiest day. Just being around people who are smiling, laughing and enjoying each others company is enough to get us through.

The worst thing about being a videographer is the fact that wedding videos haven’t quite come into the mainstream yet. A photographer would be one of the first things you’d think of booking, however it is more touch and go whether to hire a videographer at all. But we know that when the Bride relives the smile on her fiances face as he first sees her walking down the aisle, tears usually start to flow! 


10. What one top tip would you give to newly engaged couples when looking for a wedding videographer?

Hire a good quality videographer. It may seem like an expense that you can’t quite afford, but bite the bullet and hire a quality company. It’s something that you won’t regret. Photos are great but for your kids and grand kids to be able to relive your wedding day is something that you can’t put a price on.



Contact Name: Thomas Taylor


Location / Coverage: London and the South West/National Coverage



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